Willy Farrell
NetSuite, Inc.
Remote Employee - May 2012 to present

Senior Technical Instructor
Teach technical courses to customers, partners, and employees for this fast-growing SaaS ERP Company. Because of my background and abilities, I am one of only a few people in the company with the "Technical Instructor" title. Most classes that I teach are in a virtual classroom environment, which provides a global reach for attendees of my classes. I also teach on-site for certain select customers.

I learned and was prepared to teach the classes to which I am assigned (see Commercial Classes) much sooner than was expected by my management when I was hired. I have also contributed significantly to the efforts of the Curriculum Development department, particularly in the area of REST and NetSuite RESTlet technology((see Demos/Web-based Training).

Casey-Westfield High School
Casey, IL - October 2011 to April 2012

Assisted Computer/Business Teacher in computing lab teaching Microsoft Office, Web Development, Desktop Publishing, and Computer Programming. Though unpaid, this was some of the most fulfilling work I have ever done.

Casey, IL - February 2009 to October 2011

Founder and Chief Technologist
Developed and marketed a software application, Dovinia Objects Collection Software - Historical Society Edition, that could be used by small and medium historical societies and museums to maintain inventories of their collections of historical items. Design and development of the software was done using Microsoft Access 2007.

Chicago, IL - October 2001 to February 2009
Austin, TX - September 1997 to September 2001

Marketing Engineer, IBM Rational Financial Services Sector - February 2008 to February 2009
Developed technical collateral for use by the field sales force. Conducted training of field sales force on use of collateral. Assisted in key sales calls.

Senior Software Engineer - July 2003 to January 2008
Technical Lead of IBM Developer Skills Program. As part of the developerWorks team, provided relevant technical information and insight to developers on the latest e-business and industry trends through Web content, articles, speaking engagements and consulting to faculty at IBM Academic Initiative member universities. As Technical Lead, provided project and technical leadership for development of all team content (demos, articles, briefings/seminars, etc.) and provided technical input to management team. Immediately upon becoming Technical Lead:

  • reviewed all briefing materials for technical content and formatting.
  • developed a standard set of master slides for all briefings to use.
  • conducted training on the use of the standard master slides and how to bring in material from another presentation to adapt to the master slide while still retaining the material's original format.
  • changed the format of the briefing hand-out document so that it could be created from only the PowerPoint presentation. This meant keeping the notes section of each slide in the presentation free of instructor comments and restricted to words that more clearly explained the slide.
  • added an instructor comments document to the standard set of materials required by a briefing so that the author could provide additional information to the presenter that didn't need to be seen by the audience.
  • mandated that the environment from which all product presentations were given was to be a pre-configured VMWare image.
  • built a central repository for all briefing materials, i.e. presentations, hand-out doc, instructor comments, VMWare images, demonstration instructions, etc.
  • mandated that all presentation demonstrations be captured as Captivate demos.
  • doubled the number of Captivate demos created by our team and posted to the developerWorks site.
  • was a strong advocate for one of my team's idea that the product demonstrations given during a briefing should also be done hands-on by the audience using laptops we supplied and configured. I made sure I was present and participated the first time this was done in order to gauge its usefulness and audience acceptance.
  • worked on a plan to gain more briefings presenters from IBM employees around the world. The plan included determining the amount of training a potential presenter required and a yardstick for determining if a potential presenter was ready for a public audience.
  • authored the flagship presentation on the developer tools from IBM Rational.

Team was responsible for 36% of product sales and earned higher ratings than curriculum produced by product development team.

Track chairman for Architecture and Construction track at Rational Software Developers Conference. Selected and approved presentations to be delivered as part of the track.

e-business Architect - September 1997 to June 2003
Member of Technical Consulting group chartered to evangelize, educate, enable, and assist independent software vendors using IBM software development tools. Provided in-bound and out-bound technical support to software developers using IBM e-business software products and technologies. Duties included:

  • Technical guidance
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Skills assessments
  • Risk identification
  • Prototype sizing and development
  • Skills transfer
  • Architecture reviews
  • Design and code reviews
  • Debugging
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation and deployment assistance
  • Development of sample code and whitepapers
  • Classroom instruction
  • Conducting hands-on workshops
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Seminar and conference presentations
  • Technical marketing and sales support
Originally joined the team as a contractor; demonstrated knowledge and outstanding performance led to a full-time position with IBM (April 1998).

This was a highly technical position, requiring constant, rapid self-education in new products and emerging technologies in order to provide expert assistance to IBM clients and business partners building e-business applications.

Ventura Technology International, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
September 1996 to June 1997

Operations Manager - January 1997 to June 1997
Responsible for day-to-day operations of this Department of Defense contracting firm. Directed and monitored project team leaders. Recruited and hired project team members. Designed and implemented job cost accounting procedures. Developed and administered company budgets. Key member of marketing team: proposal and bid writing; production and delivery of presentations; assessing new business opportunities. Developed and presented overview briefing on Java Platform to government officials. Led in-house Java education and development effort.

Project Team Leader - September 1996 to December 1996
Led eleven member team in development of client/server labor reporting system utilizing full software life cycle: analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, implementation. Extensive use of object-oriented development techniques. Development tools were Ada, Rational, the Open Systems Environment Development Tools (OSEDT) CASE tool/repository, SQL, Solaris, Oracle. Deployment target was Windows clients connected to Solaris/Oracle server. Additionally, evangelized use of Java to company and government officials for future work.

Shamrock Enterprises, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
June 1995 to September 1996

Chief Systems Architect
Developed electronic document management/imaging systems for use by commercial and government organizations. Utilized Clarion for Windows with various VBX and C component libraries to produce a graphical user interface for storing and accessing digitized documents on mass storage devices in a client/server environment.

Midwestern Electric, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
May 1993 to June 1995

Information Analyst
Responsible for computer administration and operations. Designed, developed and implemented a job cost tracking and reporting system with interfaces to the primary accounting system. Designed, developed, and implemented an image-enabled database system with optical mass storage capabilities for use by Indiana Department of Transportation, the first imaging application ever used by State of Indiana employees. Systems were initially developed with Clarion Database Developer and Modula-2 and later migrated to Clarion for Windows.

Wang Laboratories
Indianapolis, IN / Dayton, OH
November 1992 to May 1993

Senior Information Systems Consultant
Provided document imaging and information systems to Army and Air Force administrative and accounting offices. Responsible for activities of four programmer/analysts and help desk specialists. Systems were created using a Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach with Borland C++ and Gupta SQL for deployment on Novell NetWare.

SRA Corporation
Indianapolis, IN
January 1992 to October 1992

Senior Consultant
Assisted in the final development phases and readying for deployment of a large financial system for the U.S. Army using Ada, CICS, and Datacomm/DB on an IBM mainframe. Utilized Rational development and CMVC tools. Primary duties were fine-tuning application to meet end-user requirements and mentoring of junior programmers in OOA/D, software engineering practices, Ada, and use of development tools. Additionally responsible for refinement of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) CASE tool/repository, and usage of the DFAS methodologies Information Systems Life Cycle Methodology (ISLCM) and Financial and Accounting System Development Methodology (FASDM).

American Data Imaging, Inc.
Louisville, KY / Ft. Lauderdale, FL
December 1989 to January 1992

Vice President of Operations
Chief operations executive of this start-up data entry and document imaging company. Responsible for technical direction and implementation of the company's products and services, as well as being the key technical resource in meeting clients' requirements. Began with two employees and grew company to more than ninety employees at three sites.

Appalachian Computer Services, Inc.
London, KY
December 1988 to December 1989

Director of MIS Software
Led and managed software development department of over 25 IS professionals. The production and management information systems were primarily in COBOL with embedded Ingres SQL on a large VAX network, with data entry performed on REI Tartan systems. Developed and implemented quality control/audit procedures and standards. Personally led and participated in R&D effort to utilize document imaging to streamline data entry and data collection processes.

Computer Sciences Corporation
Indianapolis, IN
October 1987 to December 1988

Senior Consultant
Participated in development of a large financial system for the U.S. Army using Ada, CICS, and Datacomm/DB on an IBM mainframe. Utilized Rational development and CMVC tools. Responsibilities included functional and logical design of code modules from end-user specifications and mentoring of junior programmers/analysts. Extensive training and experience with OOA/D; training was conducted by Grady Booch and Richard Bolz, the originators of training for Ada and OOA/D at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Computer Integrated Engineering, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
April 1985 to October 1987

Software Development Manager
Developed firmware and software for use in computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems. Utilized PL/M, Pascal, Modula-2, C, BASIC, and 80x86 assembler on Intel microprocessors and personal computers. Served as liaison with hardware engineers to develop requirements and specifications for control programs, external and embedded.

United States Marine Corps
Okinawa, Japan - January 1983 to April 1985
Camp Pendleton, CA - November 1977 to December 1982

Scout Observer and Training NCO - November 1977 to December 1980
As a Scout Observer I directed artillery fire, naval gunfire, and close air support on targets designated by the Commanding Officer of the Marine Infantry Company to which I was attached. As Training NCO, I developed and delivered training to the personnel in my unit on a variety of topics as dictated by the Training Officer and the Commanding Officer. It was here that I discovered that I was not only good at training, but also thoroughly enjoyed it.

Computer Programmer - January 1981 to April 1985
Designed and developed a telecommunications system for use in troop deployments from Okinawa which was later adopted and implemented throughout the Marine Corps. This system was written in EDL on an IBM Series/1 and involved the in-house design and implementation of databases, low-level access to peripheral devices such as paper tape punches and magnetic tape drives, as well as interfacing to various U.S. Navy communications equipment. For this work I was awarded a Navy Commendation Medal and promoted to Staff Sergeant.

I am extremely proud of the time I spent in service to my country.