Willy Farrell
I have been in the IT industry for over 30 years. I have written programs in many languages from COBOL to Java. I have held titles ranging from Training NCO in the United States Marine Corps to Director of MIS Software for the largest data entry company in the country. I have worked for large companies, like IBM and CSC, and for small companies, including one man operations that I have started myself. During all this time, I have had numerous chances to teach. With those chances, I discovered that I am very good at, and am very passionate about, technical training.

I see technical training as three distinct types:
  • employee training, to improve their efficiency and proficiency
  • customer training, to enable them to better use the product they have purchased
  • potential customer training, to help them make a better informed purchase decision (some, including myself, call this technical sales or technical marketing)
I excel at all three types of technical training equally, but would like to point out that the last team I led in presenting to potential customers at IBM was responsible for 36% of product sales of the division to which we belonged.

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